About Us

What do you do when life takes you down roads less traveled? Through a whirlwind chain of events we have both found ourselves in rural Nebraska a far cry from our major metropolitan birth places. Erik hails from the San Francisco Bay area, and Kelly from the Chicago suburbs.

Our story is one of life, love, coffee, and of course...the love of fine coffee!  We met in 2009 and as Kelly was already located in Nebraska, Erik relocated there - as he loves to tell people - "For the love of a good woman".  Once they settled in, Rockabilly Roasters was formed that same year.  Prior to relocating Erik was employed in New York City by a family owned and operated artisan Coffee Roaster. This was just one of his stops along the way through the coffee industry. With over 20 years in the industry, Erik has grown a passion for all things coffee, from the roasting and brewing to the enjoyment of the finest beans and roasts available.

Kelly has always loved coffee and has been a quick study making this an amazing partnership. Out of this mutual love for coffee Rockabilly Roasters was born. A small craft roaster full of life, passion and the love of coffee blended with a desire to share only the finest with the rest of the world!

Since starting out we have gone from a small roaster selling online only, to doing craft shows and small vendor events, to opening our own coffee shop within the Platte River Mall, here in North Platte, Nebraska.

Here at Rockabilly Roasters we are more than a company, this is our lifestyle and we welcome you to journey down this road with us. We want to bring the best products to you, with a touch of vintage sass and class.