Who Ever Thought to Drink Coffee in the First Place

Kelly Schuermann

Have you ever wondered, who it was that decided picking a berry and making a drink from it would be a good idea? Just where exactly did this  glorious idea come from?  This person deserves a Gold Star!


Coffee growers worldwide have been able to trace the lineage of their beans back centuries to the coffee forests of Ethiopia. Legend goes, that a lowly goat herder by the name of Kaldi, was the first to discover the berries that we know today as coffee cherries. As the story has been told over the ages, Kaldi noticed that goats that ate these berries were excitable and failed to sleep at night afterwards, as opposed to the goats that didn't eat the berries.



After Kaldi determined that this wasn't a fluke, that it really was tied to these berries, he shared his findings with the abbot of a local monastery. After hearing the tail of the energetic goats, the abbot decided that he would boil the berries and drink the resulting liquids.  I suppose if the goats didn't die, he would be safe right?  Well I for one am thankful for the courage of this abbot from long ago.

Soon after the abbot shared his discovery with the other monks, and soon word spread to merchants and travelers who came by the monastery.  The rest they history.



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